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Available again $40 worth of accessories of our choosing, for only $14.95. Might be jewelry, rings, necklaces, hosiery, handbags, socks, you never know!

Please note; mystery bags are prepacked. There may or may not be overlap with a previously purchased bag. If you buy more than one -in the same order- we'll try to make them different. We can not honor requests like "don't send me any earrings" or "don't send me anything gold". It's a mystery!

 No returns or exchanges

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jesmin, 03/17/2017

I got awesome jewelry that I wore the same day!!!thanks!

Reviewed by Shannon, 03/09/2017

Kinda disappointed with this bag I was hoping for a variety of stuff instead got nothing but necklaces 6 regular necklaces and two chokers. The regular necklaces looked and felt cheap

Reviewed by Chylde, 01/21/2017

What fun! Got my accessory bag today! It contained

1 pair orange-and-white striped fingerless elbow gloves
1 pair sparkly black fingerless fishnet gloves
1 pair black and purple crew socks with a cartoony candy corn pattern
1 silver bracelet w/ rhinestone heart charm
1 barrette with a tiny black hat on it
1 pair of earrings that look like gravestones
1 pair of odd twisty-stick hair accessories

I'll probably use everything except the odd twisty-stick hair accessories - tried on my daughter's hair and couldn't get them to work. Overall, well worth the price of the bag!

Reviewed by Jimi, 11/15/2016

I bought this for my teen. We both enjoyed it. Nice items and surprises. Will buy again. Sadly she took all the items. I wanted some too!

Reviewed by Cris, 10/18/2016

Thank you Good Goth! This was a great deal!
I have always loved grab bags. Since money was tight, I asked for this for my birthday, knowing it would be a complete surprise. I figured worst case scenario, I would get a fun, cheap necklace out of it worth the cost of the bag, plus the fun of having a grab bag. It had four necklaces, a pair of fingerless fishnet gloves, a fake nose ring, and this amazing dark silver metallic matte lipgloss that seems to be smudge proof! I am absolutely in love with one of the necklaces , in fact if my husband had seen it he would have chosen it as my one gift. About the only thing I am really no thrilled over is the nose ring( just not my style) but I will pass it on to a friend.
I will say in all fairness, the charm on the choker was backwards but ten seconds with needle nose pliers fixed it. The end result is I am exceptionally happy with what I received. I will be coating the backs of the pendants with clear nail polish as a precaution, but I had planned to do that anyway. I think this may be planned for Christmas this year as well!

Reviewed by Sully, 09/22/2016

It wasn't bad, these bags are always a todos up but they are fun. I got a black lace peacock mask(good for my Halloween party). I got two black chord necklace which my fiancé claimed from me. I got a lace choker which is always needed. The only thing that I didn't like is that I got two old school spiked black leather bracelets.

Reviewed by Britt med, 02/28/2016

Disappointed in this not worth 15$ you just get all the junk jewelry

Reviewed by Syndi, 02/22/2016

I got three of these got allot for how much I payed

Reviewed by Bat, 01/30/2016

Was very happy to recieve my mystery bag.
It has some gloves, some socks and 3 necklaces, a set of three earings and a braclet I wear everyday. Very nice stuff.
Was a bit sad I didn't get a chocker considering how many are sold on this site but was also plesantly supprised. Might order again just for fun.

Reviewed by DiexSchwarzexGeige, 12/08/2015

Pretty good :) I received a pair of ying yang earrings, owl necklace, 2 ankh necklaces, eye of rah necklace, black beaded bracelet, dragon necklace, and heart and key necklace. I'm not disappointed, but it could be worse (not a big fan of skulls, personally).

Reviewed by Virginia Dorris, 11/06/2015

I have ordered two of these and I loved them both. Each time I ordered these I was so excited and when I got them I was not disappointed. I love the necklaces and bracelets that I got and I wear them every day! I can't wait to order more!!

Reviewed by Jeannette, 09/21/2015

My boyfriend had allowed me to pick several things, and this bag was one of them. I got 3 necklaces, this really neat pair of socks (light purple socks w/donuts on them), and other accessories. Very much worth it if you're a first time buyer and want to see a sample of what the store has to offer.

Reviewed by Lisa, 07/29/2015

Wonderful. I was so excited to get this and was not disappointed. I loved everything. My favorite was a little black bracelet with skulls around the top. I would definitely do this again and am going to soon.

Reviewed by Ada, 07/10/2015

I really loved this mystery bag. I was so excited to get it. I got things like a fishnet gloves, lace pearl choker, a decorative cross necklace, a evil eye bracelet, and much more, For only 14.95! I love love love GoodGoth mystery bags. I suggest you order a surprise for yourself, it's a mystery! :-)

Reviewed by Ithildin, 06/16/2015

Some garbage plastic jewelry, some gold bad quality necklace and ring, some crappy black armband and matching necklace ... Even the thing I could have used, the fishnet gloves, was all wrong ... Yellow ... If they had only been black. Never been this disappointed buying surprise packages (and I bought another one with clothes) ... Not much goth about any of the stuff I got.

Reviewed by Luna, 06/15/2015

Liked my last one, but I got a lot of hearts and gold and I wasn't a big fan of that. I've ordered two more and am anxiously awaiting them to see if I get anything better this time around. I specified that I don't like gold, and that I'd like to stay away from flowery, "girly" stuff. Hopefully they listened to my request. I'll be writing another review once they arrive.

Reviewed by Camille, 06/12/2015

I bought two, separate time though. The first time, it was okay and I liked half of what was in the bag. The second time, I got one necklace that I really liked and i'm gonna find occasions to wear them. It's a fun experience but I still felt nervous about it. There's a good amount of stuff in them which is worth the money. I'm pretty satisfied though.

Reviewed by Krissy, 05/27/2015

Bought for a friend thinking i couldn't go wrong with some gothic jewlery, and the price is good not breaking the bank. I am a little dissapointed but you got to remember you roll the dice on something like this. A few cheaper pieces and the thing that makes it a $40 value has crosses on it which she despises. It really is probally a great bag for someone else but not her which i totally understood is some thing i may expect buying a mystery bag. All in all its very cool just remember you never know what your gonna get lol.

Reviewed by Hircine, 04/22/2015

I got a bunch of bracelets and necklaces, almost none of which I've seen here on this site which I was actually a tad disappointed about, but that's what happens when you roll the dice I suppose lol. I did get a few things I'd wear at least, so I suppose it works out evenly.

Reviewed by Iris, 04/09/2015

This was actually pretty cool! A lot of the items I received aren't actually on the website (nifty). There were only about 4 things in the two bags I ordered that I disliked (I got 14 items) and in turn will probably give to friends who enjoy those types of items. I did NOT expect to get makeup and was a bit disheartened by getting makeup items -- as I was expecting just accessories, a little disappointing. All in all, totally worth it and will probably be doing some more mystery bags in the future.

Reviewed by Amanda, 03/26/2015

This bag is such a great deal. I got an assortment of lipsticks, eyeliners and mascaras. The only dislike I had was one of the mascaras wasn't sealed. I tossed it, because I had no idea if it had been exposed to anything before I received it.

Reviewed by Lilly, 03/17/2015

This was the first thing that I have ever ordered through GG.Com and I must say it is well worth the month. The products that I received is just amazing! Definitely worth more than the mere price of 15 bucks. Blown away. I will be ordering again in the near future!

Reviewed by Alice, 02/26/2015

I ordered one and I wasn't happy at all except for with one necklace, I was so excited for it just to be disappointed, I was expecting more chokers and hosiery than all necklaces. :c

Reviewed by Loved it, 02/16/2015

I absolutely adored this mystery bag. It felt like Christmas when I opened it and seen all the goodies. So naturally I had to order more. Who ever buys one will not be disappointed

Reviewed by lynn, 02/06/2015

i ordered 2 even though it was only my first time getting a mystery bag off the internet, and i loved them!!! i got rhinestone razorblade necklaces in gold and silver and fishnet gloves, and two gorgeous cameo pendants, and a few heart shaped pieces! i couldnt have picked out better things! you get a lot for 15 dollars and its totally worth it!! i will def be ordering more

Reviewed by Geena, 01/07/2015

Loves most of what I got was nice, except for an extremely tacky gold colored necklace with a rhinestones razor blade. Kind of triggering for an ex- cutter.

Reviewed by Lexi, 01/02/2015

Just got mine today and I loved everything in it, I even let my mom pick out what she liked. I plan to buy another one soon :3

Reviewed by Amazing!!!!!!, 12/15/2014

Received my bag today and was very very pleased with what I got! Thank you Good Goth I will definitely be ordering more soon!

Reviewed by Tiara, 11/30/2014

I was so excited when I got this in the mail I loved it so much. I got 3 really awesome necklaces and some cute socks hair stuff and a couple other things. This is such an awesome company the shipping was perfect to Canada I can't wait to order more, also the price is awesome. thumbs up all the way.

Reviewed by Vicki, 11/28/2014

These are great little bags! They have a good mix of stuff inside from jewelry, to hair accessories, armwarmers, and I even got a bottle of black nail polish in mine along with everything else.

Reviewed by brittany-jane, 11/28/2014

i loved my mystery bags i loved my necklaces and bracelets

Reviewed by Jamie, 11/10/2014

I bought three. They had a great selection in them. I was very pleased. A few things I won't wear I will be giving to a niece. None going to waist.

Reviewed by Christy, 09/29/2014

I got my bag today, and I must say, I LOVE it! It came with some cameo earrings, which I've always wanted, as well as several necklaces, some hand warmers, and a black lace masquerade mask! Definitely ordering again.

Reviewed by Lum, 09/24/2014

I got this mystery bag about 2 months ago. It contained two necklaces which I found out I was allergic to and had to coat them with a clear gloss so I could wear them. It had 2 bracelets which were awesome other than the fact that a few of the studs on them where not correctly put in and are falling off. It came with two colored hair extensions in colors I don't normally wear which is nice. It came with braided hair clips which looks like something my 5 year old niece might wear but meh I guess you never know. I will likely buy this again.

Reviewed by zoe, 09/22/2014

I love the mystery bag.
I got two lip pencils and one eye pencil. 2 necklaces and 1 necklace earring set and of course the fishnet gloves ^-^ will order more for sure.

Reviewed by Gothic Fae, 08/26/2014

I got them on sale {I got two bags} and they were worth it. I got some socks,a pair of gloves,a lot of necklaces,a baggie, and a couple bracelets. For me it was a great.

Reviewed by Christina, 07/20/2014

I got my mystery bag two days after i ordered it this was really fast. I ordered this one and apparel one. This one I was so so with. I got two necklaces one with earrings a thing of mesh arm warmer things and bunch of colored hair extensions. for me the fishnet arm warmers and the heart necklace was enough for it to be worth it. Though there was a lot of the colored hair extensions it would have been nice to have more then just those because those really made up the bulk of it. The other necklace/earring set and the extensions went to my fiance though and she loved them so there was nothing in the bag that didn't go to use. I will be ordering again and hoping I get lucky and get more earrings.

Reviewed by RhuenRaythe, 06/07/2014

I received my mystery bag in 2 days from shipping and received a lot of awesome stuff: 2 pairs of gloves, 2 change purses, one gorgeous pair of earrings, 2 earring/necklace sets, and a beautiful, unexpected light blue lipstick that actually looks light blue on lips -- perfectly undead. I already want to order another as I have no complaints. Great deals, great variety.

Reviewed by Rebecca, 04/21/2014

I couldn't resist. I had to buy another and I am so glad I did!! I LOVE my lipstick and the bar of soap its wonderful! Such pretty eye colors too! Will be ordering this and a few other items again! THANK YOU FOR HAVING THESE! They are so much fun!

Reviewed by Jenn, 04/03/2014

I was nervous I wouldn't get anything I would have wanted, but I got all great stuff! Really nice dress, blouse, corset, and accessories!!!! Can't wait to wear!!! The whole site was awesome so I was happy getting anything really. Such great stuff!!!!! Will be getting again! :)

Reviewed by April, 02/23/2014

This is an epically great deal. I recently received three necklace and earring sets and a pair of fishnet gloves. Very satisfied.

Reviewed by Tiffany, 01/25/2014

I was able to get my mystery bags today and i was really happy with everything.Lots of awsome stuff cant wait to order again!

Reviewed by Steph, 01/13/2014

Great mix. Will be giving 2 things out of the bag to a family member, but keeping the rest for myself!

Reviewed by Crystal, 12/24/2013

This was so fun to get I got my first one today it is the best I would recommend it to anyone I loved it I cant wait to get my next one

Reviewed by Rachel, 11/21/2013

Cute assortment of necklaces. Some with matching earring, some without. All soon to be holiday gifts for my daughters friends. Going to order more :D

Reviewed by Jess, 10/11/2013

Very quick delivery! I like my goodie bag. I received 3 necklaces (1 had earrings), 1 ear cuff, 1 pair of earrings, a bracelet, and a ring. This is definitely something I would order again or tell someone else to order.

Reviewed by Ada, 09/18/2013

I love love love this idea! I got my bag this evening along with a cosmetics bag and a double dip bag and couldn't be happier. 3 Necklaces, some killer gloves, and a cute hairbow is what I received. I will definitely be ordering again! Also, the shipping was super fast!

Reviewed by Paige, 09/13/2013

Excellent item!! I loved the bag that I received, it was full of goodies. I got 2 necklaces (one came with a pair of earrings) another pair of really cute earring, a pair of fish net gloves, a tube of metallic black liquid eyeliner, a tube of lipstick, and a bright blue hair bow!!
I would definitely order one again just to see what I would get the second time around!! Try your luck. :)

Reviewed by Slynn, 08/30/2013

It was pretty nifty it reminded me of the grab bags you get as a child but with better contents. I opened the Casper bag (it was wrapped like Halloween candy) and received new striped knee socks, a cameo necklace, a skull necklace, medusa makeup lip gloss, gold eyeliner and lipstick. I will definitely purchase one again. Are double dip accessory bags available?

Reviewed by Ash, 08/15/2013

Just received my accessories mystery bag (along with a cosmetics one). What I pulled out was amazing. 3 awesome necklaces; one came with a set of earrings. Even a tube of lipgloss! This wi;; be on my list to order again!

Reviewed by Ms S, 07/10/2013

I had gotten this mystery bag a month ago, and it came with a cat necklace. It came at the perfect time because I had to put my cat to sleep, after having her for 14 years. Cancer consumed her. I wear the necklace every day, in memory of her. Thanks so much!!

Reviewed by samantha, 06/24/2013

well got my bag today to find three necklaces a pair of gloves and what i think lookike lip gloss two of the necklaces came with ear rings and one is a plastic cameo >.> sad to say the cameo disapointed me a lil i can see where the clued on the red rose and its broke when i picked it up T.T other than that i loved the bag and i normally love cameo's i will by more bagsthough

Reviewed by Crysta, 06/10/2013

Just got this in the mail today! Got a couple of nice chokers and some other things as well. I love these mystery bags! They are amazing! The only thing that I really can't use is the earrings since I have gauges lol

Reviewed by Katie, 06/03/2013

I have always wanted to do this, so when I got the chance to I was excited.THIS IS AMAZING! I got so much great stuff in a cute casper bag. Will do again soon!!

Reviewed by M, 05/06/2013

I ordered one of these last month and I was happy with all of the goodies that were inside. I wear one of the necklaces to work all the time!

Reviewed by RhuenRaythe, 03/14/2013

I snatched my accessory bag on sale and I am very happy with it. There were only a couple items I wouldn't wear, but are perfect for my sister's upcoming birthday. I love, love, love the cameo necklace and adjustable faux leather spiked choker -- it's durable and makes a beautiful statement. Awesome value, great products! Can't wait to buy my next one. :)

Reviewed by Mo Lee, 03/09/2013

My god totally worth it! I got the necklace I wanted on here forever! It and another gorgeous necklace are apart of my everyday oufit!

Reviewed by Robin, 03/06/2013

I came here for some SFX hair dye and also left with one of these mystery bags. And when it arrived, it was loaded with some really great stuff! Thanks, Good Goth!

Reviewed by Tanya, 02/12/2013

This is the first mystery bag i ever bought here(last year october) and i loved what was in the bag can't wait to see what is in the next bag :)

Reviewed by Holly, 02/06/2013

My daughter begged me to get this for her. She was ecstatic to open the surprise inside. Über cool necklaces, gloves, earrings where inside. Totally well worth it! So, we are ordering more! Can't wait!

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