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Decisions are difficult. We make life easy.

Pick a size.

Get a corset. Could be over or underbust style. Our choice.

It's so easy! You can almost do it with your eyes closed. (not recommended)

Please note; mystery bags are prepacked. There may or may not be overlap with a previously purchased bag. If you buy more than one -in the same order- we'll make them different. We can not honor requests like "don't send me any underbust styles" or "don't send me anything blue". It's a mystery!

No returns or exchanges on Mystery Bags. When in doubt, buy a size up.

Images for illustrative purposes only. May not be the corset you actually recieve.

These measurements are for the corset completely closed. Back lacing allows for an additional 2-3" on each measurement.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Tiffany P., 12/07/2016

I love it! I'm normally a size M/L with most of my shirts, but I used the sizing chart to buy an XL, just to be safe. It's just about perfect! I was a bit nervous about which corset I would receive, but then I realized I've never really seen one on here I didn't like, so I bought it. I got a beautiful black lace piece, and it's surprisingly comfortable. Thanks, guys, will buy again!

Reviewed by Shelby, 10/31/2016

I just received my very first corset and I couldn't be happier. It fits perfectly and definitely worth the money. I'll be ordering more from this site.

Reviewed by Melissa, 08/29/2016

I received three corsets. All of them beautiful. One of them was the wrong size but customer service cheerfully and quickly remedied the situation. I would definitely order from here again.

Reviewed by Meg, 08/06/2016

I have 2 corsets one over and one under the bust, I love them, can't wait to get my new one.

Reviewed by Samantha, 07/16/2016

I ordered this mystery bag for my first corset and could not be more pleased. I wasn't sure which corset to buy and the mystery bag took the guesswork out. I got a beautiful purple and black piece that looks incredible and makes me hunger to buy more. Thanks GoodGoth :-)

Reviewed by Brittany, 04/21/2016

This is my second one and I love it black leather looking and laces up both sides in the front and clamps in the front perfect for rides on the motorcycle

Reviewed by Syndi, 02/22/2016

I love my corset but you have to double check the size chart I would have to wait until I lose a little bit more my baby weight but double check the size chart to make sure you get the right size I loved it so cute

Reviewed by Brittany, 01/17/2016

I received the red vampirella corset I'm happy with it was expecting more tho quality was less than expected and not so well for small chested women but fits well overall shipping was a long time tho

Reviewed by Kira, 10/02/2015

I ordered one while it was on sale and received it today and I absolutely love it! I was worried I may not like it or had possibly ordered it too big but it is a beautiful black corset that fits me just fine. Will definitely be ordering again!

Reviewed by Jeannette, 09/21/2015

I got a very lovely corset out of this one (black in color w/ black bows), and it fit just perfectly! I strongly recommend that you get this if you can't quite decide what to get in terms of a corset, but it is indeed a mystery until you open a package.

Reviewed by Jenn, 02/23/2015

I received the Black Morticia corset. The size was too small, but I believe this was an error on my part. Pretty corset, but the lace irritates the skin. Will definitely order again. Hoping for an under bust next time to go with my new dress.

Reviewed by Amber, 02/16/2015

This mystery bag made my decision so much easier. The corset I received was very vintage looking and good quality. It was perfect for the masquerade ball I was to attend. Amazing product

Reviewed by TeamRocket, 01/17/2015

I ordered this, and very shortly thereafter received the Burlesque Corset in black/gray, which was a nice surprise since it looks like it is normally burgundy. The other nice part about ordering this was that, at such a low price, I was not overly concerned about trying to alter it (which I did successfully) to make it look more Victorian and less burlesque. And yes, always order a size up from your normal top size.

Reviewed by Natalia, 01/08/2015

I received my corset a few days after purchasing online. I was very excited not knowing what to expect. I got the Victorian floral corset which I found to be very cute. I would buy a size up. I am regularly a M wearing 36C. But the size L was good. If you don't know which corset to get I would definitely get the mystery bags

Reviewed by Jamie, 11/10/2014

The corset happened to be one I was looking at. It fits beautifully. I love it thanks.

Reviewed by Tanya Evans, 11/05/2014

My mystery corset was amazing! I got the Red Morticia corset, it was so easy to put on, and I almost liked wearing it more than the steel-boned one I chose to order! It really seemed like they took note of what I chose to order, and made sure the mystery item fit my tastes. It was exciting and fun to buy and wear! Will order again!

Reviewed by Suzanne, 08/21/2014

The under-bust fits very well, which makes me happy. It also great for SteamPunk, which is also awesome. I may go to comic con in Steampunk because of it. I'm not a hug fan of under-busts, but that has more to due with taste than anything lol.

Reviewed by Desiree, 05/16/2014

I've wanted a corset since i was a little girl, and the exact one i've always dreamed of came in the mail, and it fit like a dream. ALWAYS order a size up in these! I'm a small but ordered a medium and it fit like a dream :) Also remember if it fits like a real corset, you won't be able to breath! My boyfriend had to pull the strings pretty tight before it fit well, certainly couldn't put it on by myself ;) WILL ORDER AGAIN!

Reviewed by C, 02/11/2014

I purchased this and got a Medium based on the size chart. With the ribbon included with the corset it is way too tight, but I can just replace it with another ribbon.

Reviewed by Wendy M., 11/06/2013

Super fast shipping! It was here in a matter of days after being processed. I was impressed that I didn't have to wait super long for my item to get to me. Once I opened it up I was stunned at how beautiful it was. Plus, it was black lace! I love lace! It is a tight fit but fits none the less. As a tie up in the front and back, but also a zipper on the side to make it easier to get in and out. I love it! Will order again!

Reviewed by Michelle, 11/04/2013

I ordered my mystery bag last Wednesday and i received it on Saturday. Super fast shipping was definitely a pleasant surprise. The best thing about it though is that i got a corset that i really wanted! Definitely ordering another when i get the chance! :D

Reviewed by Linda, 11/01/2013

I'm 100% satisfied with this mystery bag!! I ordered it about two days ago and was pleasantly surprised to set it in the mail this morning. The corset is beautiful and fits well. An amazing deal at the mystery bag price! Definitely gonna do this again as soon as I can :)

Reviewed by Carissa, 09/28/2013

Fits perfectly. Make sure to know your measurements! Very happy with the one I received...hoping to get some other ones as soon as I can!

Reviewed by K.A, 09/08/2013

So, yeah, maybe I wasn't thinking straight but I got my first corset through this. I was freaking out waiting for it, but was happily surprised. I love it and wear it often :) I love the idea of a mystery bag too! The mystery just adds to the excitement

Reviewed by Desiree Cook, 07/06/2013

I got mine in the mail the other day, it's beautiful! Unfortunately, I got the wrong size. I couldn't decide between 2 sizes and got the larger, as suggested. It's too big. :(

Reviewed by Macauley, 03/11/2013

I was very skeptical about purchasing from this site... but a mystery bag just seemed too tempting. i was not disappointed in the slightest! The corset is amazing and well made! i'm buying more!!

Reviewed by Tanya, 03/08/2013

I received 2 (yes i did order 2 :p)of these a few days ago I love them! and as always it's like you can read minds :) I had been thinking about buying both types what are the odds of that happening! lol

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