Mourning Belle Skirt

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Black Satin Skirt is full length with elastic waist. Five bustle tiers in back add fullness and an antebellum aire! Add a petticoat beneath to give even more fullness and a grand Ball appearance! We suggest the  white hoop skirt. The perfect piece for Gothic weddings, proms, formal events and balls!


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Love it!, 10/19/2016

The pictures don't do this justice. It is so lovely. I feel swept back in time the minute I put it on. Per the previous reviews, if you aren't fairly tall, however, you might want to allow some time for getting it hemmed or expect to wear it high above your waist. I'm just under 5'9" and it still drags the ground on me if I'm barefoot or in flats. A small heel and I should be good to go. Regarding size, the skirt itself is very flowy and will have some give. The waistband, however, though elastic, will be fitting on your NATURAL waist and does not have much wiggle room. If you want to avoid returns and ensure comfort, do measure before ordering just to make sure you are getting the best size for you. If you do it correctly, the skirt is exactly as described and should fit perfectly. Can't wait to wear it!

Reviewed by Adell, 09/09/2015

Received this skirt today and it's simply beautiful! Paired it with a petticoat and their "Black Steel Boned Bodice" . Everything has a nice satin feel to it and is sure to make me feel like a gothic princess on my wedding day. The ruffles in the back give it that break-up, adding texture and lift to the skirt.
I also need to wear the skirt just under my bra line to be able to walk in it, so it is very long. But I'm used to that being 5'4".
Shipping was fast, 3 days. We'll definitely order here again!
I can't wait to wear this!

Reviewed by Kristina G., 08/19/2015

Actual rating: 4.5

I ordered this a while back, wore it a few times and forgot to review it (my bad)!

Okay, so the only thing I don't like is the shiny fabric for the front of the skirt. I was expecting something a little more subdued.

I didn't mind that it was long, I'm short so I expect it. I have to pull the skirt up to just underneath my boobs to keep it from getting too close to the floor (I'm 5'3"). The quality is good and it looks great with corsets and blouses. The sizing chart is dead on, all you have to do is measure your waist, select accordingly and wait eagerly for it in the mail. It is worth the wait.

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