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For $14.95, you will recieve a bag of 10 different cosmetics. Cool! Could by lipsticks, gloss, nail colors, mascara, who knows! All the cosmetics GoodGoth carries are cruelty free.

 Into "normal" colors? You may get some crazy colors! Into crazy shades? You may get something "normal". Try something new! An awesome way to take a step out of your comfort zone and into the unknown!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Chylde, 01/21/2017

Got my mystery bag today and I loved it! It contained:

4 lip/eye pencils with built-in sharpeners (jade, midnight blue, silver, and burgundy)
5 lipsticks (black, gray, white, teal, and midnight blue)
1 8-color eye shadow compact in shades of brown, pink, and purple

Slightly disappointed that the eye shadow compact was such mainstream colors, but the rest is totally awesome and well worth the price! I especially appreciate how, deliberately or not, the liner pencils and the lipsticks were perfectly coordinated!

Reviewed by LeeAnn, 09/15/2016

I received my mystery cosmetic bag today! I love everything inside! I got two lipsticks (1 red, 1 silver), two matte lip gloss dark blue and dark purple, a dark purple lip liner, a mini black nail polish, 3 eyeliners with built in sharpener (blue, purple, white), and an extra volume mascara!!! It's a great value and a great price. The items are very good quality as well!! Plus, who doesn't love a good surprise?!?

Reviewed by Sara, 09/12/2016

While not everything I received looks great on me or is my taste, this really is an amazing value. You will receive several items in a cute little treat bag. Give it a try - it's worth the gamble.

Reviewed by SharkQueen, 08/21/2016

I did this just for fun. I ended up getting a gold lipstick. A yellow lipstick. 2 different neon green lipsticks. Black lipgloss. Brown lipgloss. Pink lipgloss. Blue, black, and yellow eyeliner. Kind of disappointed. The only things I'll use is probably the black eyeliner maybe the blue and that's about it. There was a lot of stuff though.

Reviewed by ellie, 08/11/2016

good deal! I got four lipsticks (pale gray, pale blue, bright green, and a deeper teal-blue), a miniature green lip gloss, a black nail polish (always useful!), and four glitter eyeliners (white, lilac, dark green, and blue). I was hoping to get some stuff in blues so I'm very pleased; going to have fun coming up with new looks with all of it. :)

Reviewed by LOVE IT, 08/11/2016

Just received my bag today and I love it! Especially the snow flakes colored lipstick its gorgeous!!!!

Reviewed by Brittany, 04/21/2016

Got a lot of lipsticks and nail polish and one black eyeliner lip colors were dark purple dark blue bright red was hoping for black but got a lime green and lavender color and got two lip liners glittery red and tea rose and nail polishes were dark red light blue and dark blue wish I got more black anything

Reviewed by Sira, 02/19/2016

Just got my good goth mystery bags. I ordered the apparel and cosmetic bags. The apparel came with a high/low skirt in black and dark grey horizontal stripes. Also got a cute black dressy shirt with black beads on the neckline, ties in the back. It's a bit see through so I need to get a Cami. The make up was interesting. I got a white nail polish, 3 lip liners (red, pink and brown) a black eye liner, 2 lip glosses (pale purple and deep bright purple) and 3 lip sticks (black, teal and navy blue)

Reviewed by leo tard aka dude in a dress :-), 12/03/2015

I got the mystery bag of makeup right around Halloween, delivered fast everything was intact. was awesome and love the neon pastels too. see pics wearing lipstick color - cast of spell

Reviewed by Silver, 09/23/2015

I got three lipsticks A pink (pink seeker) and a blue (sky dive) that are both quite nice, pigmented and creamy, and a green one that is... less than fantastic in quality.
As well as three, liquid glitter eyeliners that are quite nice, two normal eyeliners in black and a gorgeous plum color (I love it) and two bottles of nail polish. One color seems fine, the consistency of the other one makes it almost possible.
8/10 is not bad :D

Reviewed by Jeannette, 09/21/2015

This was among the items I had been allowed to pick. As a first time buyer, I am super happy with the assortment. I got 3 pencil eyeliners, 3 eyeliner glitters, 2 lipsticks, one nailpolish, and something called the "Masters Strokes" Candy Shadow Stick (not sure what the use is, but I'll find out!). It's a good assortment if you want a sample of what the store has to offer. It's wonderful!

Reviewed by Morgan, 04/06/2015

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my mystery bag. I got 5 different lipsticks, an eyeliner, a lip liner, 2 glitter liquid eyeliners, and a mascara duo. I was so happy and excited it put me in a good mood all day.

Reviewed by katelyn, 03/20/2015

I just got mine today and I love it! Here's what I got:
1 lightning struck lipstick
1 pink seeker lipstick
1 dark blue lipstick (it didn't have a sticker on the bottom.)
1 flirty tango lipstick
3 pencil eyeliners in Black, seafoam, and a pink one that didn't have a sticker to tell me the color
A glitter liquid eyeliner in midnight blue,
Double agent mascara (one side is volume mascara and the other side is dark pink glitter mascara which is cool)
And the last item I got was a double sided eyelash primer and mascara. I absolutely love my bag and I'll be ordering more.

Reviewed by Alto_Insomniac, 03/19/2015

I ordered one of these Sunday and it arrived a few hours ago. I have to wait to open it tomorrow as I am not home c: reading all these great reviews makes me happy. I'm excited to see what I got

Reviewed by Diana, 03/10/2015

Got this this for a friend and she LOVED it. Will be getting more. Also, customer service is great and easy tracking.

Reviewed by Jenn, 02/23/2015

I received 3 pencil glitter eyeliners, light purple, white, and a yellow one... Mustard yellow, ew. These eyeliner's caps are a sharpener, on all 3 of them. How awesome is that? Who hasn't lost their sharpener? Now I have 3 more.
I received a liquid glitter liner in fuchsia. It has a brush applicator, not a sponge one. The gel of this liner is clear.
I received 4 lipsticks. Lightening Struck (mustard yellow, ew), Happily After (Pastel pink, I don't even know how to describe it. Pale but loud?), Cast a Spell ( light and bright purple), and my fourth lipstick is black, which I wanted.
My last 2 items are both mascara. One is the duo mascara, black on one end and blue glitter mascara on the other. The other mascara is black volumizing.

I know I will use about half the items I received, the rest are going to my nieces, and they will love it. I'm going to be ordering one again soon. I hope I get darker lipsticks next time.

Reviewed by Amazing, 02/16/2015

This mystery bag waa amazing. I loved everything in it, had no disappointments. I bought more for my daughter. She is my little baby bat and loves doing her makeup and dressing up like her mommy

Reviewed by Marisa, 12/03/2014

I just got my cosmetics mystery bag today. I really like what I got. 3 pencil eye liners, 3 glitter eye liners, two nail polishes, a black lipstick and a glitter mascara. I couldn't decide what I wanted, this made it much easier!

Reviewed by tiara, 11/30/2014

Ordered this got in the mail really fast customer service before even getting my stuff, was awesome I love this site prices are affordable. This little mystery bag was not small at all got some really great pieces like mascara, black eye pencil some jewelry. This would make a cute gift for any occasion.

Reviewed by Lum, 09/24/2014

I received my mystery bag today and was really impressed. I got 4 lipsticks 2 of which are the same color and a color I've been looking for French Garden the others being Sealed Secret and Ocean Streak, 2 metallic black eyeliners, 2 pencil eye liners one in black the other in Seafoam, 1 lip liner in Champagne, 1 nail polish in Neon Sapphire, and 1 volumizing mascara. My sister is already looking into buying a bag for herself.

Reviewed by Rebecca, 04/07/2014

I love my bag!! I have colors that I thought I wouldn't look good on me! I was wrong! I got 2 eye shadows. The eye shadow was sealed but somehow got all over everything and me? Dunno how that's possible but it was. I love the lipstick and lip gloss!! I got 7 of those love them all but 1 haha! All different colors too! I got 1 eyeliner! Will be ordering this in the future. Thank you!

Reviewed by Emelia Fayth, 11/28/2013

Very happy! I got 3 gloss, 2 lipsticks, one eye oiwder, 2 metallic eyeliners and 2 eyes pencils. Very good deal!

Reviewed by Jess, 10/11/2013

Very quick delivery! I like my goodie bag. I received 6 different lipsticks, 3 eye pencils, and 1 WonderFull Lash Duo (mascara and liquid eyeliner). I love all of the different colors! This is definitely something I would order again or tell someone else to order.

Reviewed by Mary, 09/27/2013

I just got it today. I totally love it! I will be ordering more for Halloween n Christmas.

Reviewed by Ada, 09/18/2013

The makeup I received was amazing! Nothing spilled nor stained and It was all items that I wanted! Also, shipping was so fast!

Reviewed by K.A, 09/08/2013

Got mine a couple days ago. Having so much fun showing off the new shades that I would never be daring enough to just get on my own xD Will definately get more in the future! One of the lipglosses broke during shipping or something, because it was all over, but still worth it ^_^

Reviewed by Autumn, 08/22/2013

I just bought one and I have to say, my expectations were exceeded. It was full of stuff I use all the time, but with super funky colors. The only thing, an eyeshadow that came with it opened a little, so everything was coated with a light grey film, so I had to wash everything, but it was just a little nuisance. :3

Reviewed by Ash, 08/15/2013

Just received my cosmetic mystery bag. What cool things! I got a mascara, which I'm happy for; I just ran out (what perfect timing). I'll have to order another one again!

Reviewed by S, 06/27/2013

These are super fun, and you get lots of goodies! I never knew I needed orange lip gloss until today.

Reviewed by Just ordered 2 more, 04/30/2013

I have ordered one before it had lots of good stuff like girls talk lipglosses and liquid eyeliners. I hope this time I get even more cool things.

Reviewed by M, 04/15/2013

I received my mystery cosmetics bag last week and I was sooo impressed with the amount of stuff that was in it. 4 lip glosses, 3 lipsticks, and 3 eyeshadows! With the exception of a couple of shades, it's all stuff I would wear. :)

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