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They're Back! Our Unbelievably popular Mystery Bags are back again! Get one while you can! Mystery Bags each contain at least $40 worth of apparel; skirts, tops, dresses, jackets, etc for only $14.95. We always sell out within days of making these available so don't miss your chance to be surprised!

Size selections change with what we have available. If you do not see your size listed, check back often, as availability changes frequently!

Please note; mystery bags are prepacked. There may or may not be overlap with a previously purchased bag. If you buy more than one -in the same order- we'll make them different. We can not honor requests like "don't send me any skirts" or "don't send me anything blue". It's a mystery!

No returns or exchanges

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Alexis, 03/20/2017

I love the whole mystery! I was a bit worried to be honest about getting a "mystery bag."
I'm glad I did tho! I got a large and everything fit well. I received a long sleeved, beautiful, laced, sleek shirt. Which I really love! It's a bit baggy on me but that's fine. I also received a dress. Which was tight fitting and pretty thin. I'm not a dress person, but this one is cute. I loved everything I got! Thanks so much!

Reviewed by Jesmin, 03/17/2017

First of fast shipping!
I got a whole outfit top and matching skirt 😍🙌 For under 15.00 fun and exciting!

Reviewed by Katie, 09/21/2016

I ordered the size small bag and I am so happy with my new goodies! I got a long sleeve shirt and two pairs of leggings. Best of all, two of the three things I got I was going to order later and now I don't have to. I got the play skulls baseball tee, the skull paper leggings in burgundy, and a pair of black leggings covered in very small blue studs. Very pleased!

Reviewed by SharkQueen, 08/21/2016

I never bought one of these before so I thought I would try it. All I got was a dress and a shirt. The shirt is kind of ugly and not really my style. But the dress it cute and I will probably wear it. I might try it again to see what I get. I'm plus size so I wonder if I will ever get anything really cool.

Reviewed by Kayla, 08/19/2016

Got a pair of tights and two shirts. Got the large size, but everything was a bit small, despite me following the sizing guide. I'll get and XL in the future.

Reviewed by Elizabeth, 08/03/2016

I received a skirt that was nice, but not really my style, plus it was a little too long for me. However, with some slight alterations, I can definitely see it becoming part of my wardrobe.

Reviewed by Shelby, 07/04/2016

I am very happy with what I had gotten in my bag a few days ago. I received two shirts; a long stretchy star tank top and long sleeve lace top with fishnet gloves and socks. This is the best thing I have ever received in the mail and I will be ordering again in the future.

Reviewed by Hillary B, 06/10/2016

Just received my mystery bag. I received a comfy stretch grey skirt and a plum colored top with very cute. I wish I had ordered a size smaller though. I'm happy to find out the XXL is too big for me! Unfortunately the mystery bag items are not returnable but if you get the correct size it's a super great deal!

Reviewed by Jenn, 05/10/2016

Absolutely LOVED my mystery bag, but I was disappointed that I only received two tops, one of which definitely fit like a small, rather than a medium. The other top completely made up for it though, and gave me something I normally wouldn't pick out to buy to add to my wardrobe!

Reviewed by Sira, 02/19/2016

Just got my good goth mystery bags. I ordered the apparel and cosmetic bags. The apparel came with a high/low skirt in black and dark grey horizontal stripes. Also got a cute black dressy shirt with black beads on the neckline, ties in the back. It's a bit see through so I need to get a Cami. The make up was interesting. I got a white nail polish, 3 lip liners (red, pink and brown) a black eye liner, 2 lip glosses (pale purple and deep bright purple) and 3 lip sticks (black, teal and navy blue)

Reviewed by S.Evans, 11/07/2015

I received two items:A dia des Les muertos long sleeved shirt and a pointy hem very short black tutu. The shirt is very soft and the tutu will make a good petticoat. However, I will order this one again before trying the double dip bag.

Reviewed by I loved everything!, 10/12/2015

The skirts are amazing, and the shirts are perfect for my new job as well. I will be buying these again!

Reviewed by Margaret, 06/20/2015

Very satisfied!! Purchased three mystery bags (so far) Two items of clothing each time and happy with most of them. Tube top style shirt not my thing but willing to try something new. Fast shipping! Ordered on a Thursday and received my items on a Saturday. Would highly recommend.

Reviewed by ellie, 05/29/2015

Mine just arrived today. I got two different black skirts; a bodycon pencil skirt and a short skater skirt. I also got a really soft tunic with a paint spatter/galaxy skull print on the front. All pieces seem very wearable, so I'm thrilled.

Reviewed by Marissa, 05/01/2015

I ordered from here and they gave me a green sequin top that looks kind of like a corset. I also got a paint splattered skull shirt that is longer in the back.. It is made from bamboo. I thought the stuff I got was really nice. I will order more.

Reviewed by Celestyna, 03/30/2015

First time and I got to say Super Impressed! Got a long sleeve day of the dead shirt thats super soft and a long lacey skirt that I wanted but wound up ordering a diffrent one with the oreder! Awesome for the price.

Reviewed by Lilly, 03/17/2015

Wow. Just wow! I received this one yesterday and nearly had a spaz when I saw what was inside! The most gorgeous dress and a wonderful blouse. LOVE it. Will definitely be ordering again!

Reviewed by S, 01/05/2015

Out of the three items I received in my mystery bag, only one item I could consider goth or alternative in any way. I received the black and white lace cami, and a BRIGHT teal maxi skirt. The spitting image of every single teenage girl this last fall. It was disappointing. The item quality was ok though. I might try again eventually.

Reviewed by kenyetta, 12/31/2014

So i got my mystery bag on New Year's eve and am disappointed by the contents. I got two shirts and a scarf which is already starting to come apart. Am willing to try again soon.

Reviewed by violet, 12/23/2014

I loved mine

Reviewed by Nancy, 12/14/2014

I ordered my first mystery bag and got it yesterday. I got a white ruffled blouse with opal-like buttons and a long black skirt. I was worried they wouldn't fit because I am a little top heavy and thick around the waist, but the top fits like a dream. The skirt is a tad bit big, but it's cute enough that I'll just have it taken in a little by a seamstress. I wouldn't have picked these items for myself, but they are both really lovely and will get some wear from me.

Reviewed by Risuna, 11/21/2014

I knew exactly what I was getting into when I decided to take the risk of ordering a mystery bag. With all the cute skirts & tops on the site I thought for sure I would get something I would at least like. Instead I received two dresses... I never wear dresses.

From now on I'm just ordering straight up so I know for certain I won't waste my money on something I'll just end up donating to Good Will.

Reviewed by Tanya Evans, 11/18/2014

It felt like Christmas!!! This is my second mystery bag and it was even better than the first one! I got a fleece zippered cropped black jacket which was perfect since it's now 5 degrees outside! I also got an adorable black lace blouse with a cute collar that I cant wait to wear. Amazing deal at $15, and if you are ordering other apparel that you choose yourself, it seems like they take note of your style. I had ordered the "Emotionally In-Vested" vest and both mystery items I got are very complimentary to the style I like. A++++ I will never go back to the mall again

Oh and I got it within TWO DAYS. And I live all the way over in Iowa!

Reviewed by Sara, 11/11/2014

My first purchase at this site and I'm thrilled. I got a strapless hi-low dress with a zippered bust, a sheer sleeveless tee with lattice work on the back and bust, and a sheer black scarf with gold skulls. Too bad the cold weather has been keeping me from showing them off :(

Reviewed by Jamie, 11/10/2014

Got mine today no complaints the cloths were awesome. They fit beautifully.

Reviewed by Jayde, 10/01/2014

I got one of these, the only thing i kept out of it was the dress. And its alright. I also got a haltar top and a half jacket deal. I dont wear haltars and the jacket went to my niece. The dress was super short and i only wear it to bed.

Reviewed by Christy, 09/29/2014

I got my mystery bag today. It had two skirts in it, one was the coffin skirt which is a little different than my usual fashion style, but the other was this GORGEOUS lace skirt. It was a little small for me, but considering I'm sort of between sizes, it is understandable. It fits well if I wear it around my waist :D Will DEFINITELY order again, probably soon. I want to see what other goodies they cook up ;D

Reviewed by Christina, 07/20/2014

I got my apparel mystery bag 2 days after placing the order so it came really fast. As well as I love both of the shirts I got. And they both fit great. The one was a little tight on my bust area but that is kinda expected for me I am pretty use to that. The first sleeveless shirt wasn't something I would have bought for myself but I ware it the day after getting it and it looks great on me. I will def be re ordering this or the double dipp once they have it in my size again.

Reviewed by Jynxi, 07/08/2014

I got one of these and I have no complaints. I didn't really like the half jacket but I still have it. But I also got a dress. Will DEFINATELY order again!

Reviewed by Elizabeth, 06/28/2014

I just got my mystery bag and I was impressed but a little disappointed. I got 2 shirts, one was a short sleeved purple v-neck and the other was a black collared shirt with lace on the bottoms of the shirt and sleeves. The only bad thing is they're a bit tight so I kind of am forced to use the black one as a blazer and the purple one an undershirt.

Reviewed by M, 05/21/2014

In this mystery bag I got a black short sleeve top with skulls on it in the shape of a cross and a black skirt that comes a few inches above the knee with a glittery almost tutu like overlay. Both are very cute, and I plan to order this mystery bag again.

Reviewed by Kat, 05/14/2014

Just got my first time mystery bag and I love it! Amazingly fast shipping and I'll definitely will order again!!

Reviewed by Stephanie, 05/08/2014

Just got my mystery bag and I love everything!!! A gorgeous dress and a cute top. It was delivered a lot quicker than I expected too. Will order again one day :D

Reviewed by Wendy M., 11/06/2013

I got my bag in a fair amount of days, I believe it was only around a week. So, pretty fast shipping. I got a dress that was very lovely and exactly what I was hoping for! I will totally order this again!

Reviewed by Melody, 10/25/2013

This mystery bag was awesome!! I got over $40 worth of stuff :) I got a shirt and some leggings that re both a bit out of my fashion sense, but I'm gonna learn to work them into my wardrobe. Definatly a god buy if you're wanting something exciting and new! I can't wait to order again! Buys will NOT be disappointed!

Reviewed by Amanda, 09/30/2013

OMG so awesome I'm getting another as soon as they have one in my size!!! Got two cute shirts some leggings!!! Awesome!!!

Reviewed by Ciara, 09/19/2013

I was so excited to finally get around to ordering my Mystery Bag. I've been thinking about it for a while and had to wait until I had the extra funds to do so. After reading some of the comments I was even more excited due to the success rate.

I got mine in the mail and got a really well fitted beautiful purple blazer with faux leather trim. I'm in college to be an art professor and have been looking for a good blazer that wasn't too "stuffy" for me.. or tweed... and this one is perfect, love it! I'm going to be getting the double dip bag as soon as I can!

Reviewed by M, 05/06/2013

I've ordered two of these now and I've had good luck with both of them. I got a long, pretty lace skirt and this awesome vest, as well as some other stuff. I'll definitely order more in the future.

Reviewed by RhuenRaythe, 03/14/2013

Very nice buy, I liked the surprise of the contents and I received a couple items I love, including an elegant long black skirt with lace overlay -- the perfect pair to my corsets for a dramatic look :) I will definitely buy more mystery bags for their value and surprise :)

Reviewed by Crysta, 02/15/2013

Just got my mystery bags today and everything that was in them was amazing. This is one of the best buys on this site. It's really awesome because you don't particularly know what you're getting (:

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