Double Dip Apparel Mystery Bag-

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FREE U.S Shipping with a $150 order. (FREE U.S Shipping with a $150 order.)

Double Dip Mystery Bags each contain up to $100 worth of apparel; skirts, tops, corsets, dresses, jackets, etc for only $29.95. May be regular stock, discontinued styles, special purchases, etc.

By doubling the value we can add wicked cool stuff like gowns, coats, stuff that retails for up to $100. No kidding!

Packed by value- not quantity. That means you may get 2 $50 items or 5 $20 items. *example*

Please note; mystery bags are prepacked. There may or may not be overlap with a previously purchased bag. If you buy more than one -in the same order- we'll make them different. We can not honor requests like "don't send me any skirts" or "don't send me anything blue". It's a mystery!

Size selections change with what we have available. If you do not see your size listed, check back often, as availability changes frequently!


- no returns or exchanges

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Kimberly, 03/08/2017

I just got my Double Dip Bag Today.. Very fast shipping. I got four items, all black, 2 shirts, but not like cotton shirts. The first one was button up, and sheer on the vest part, and lace collar, and lace arms, it's awesome. The second one was a lace top all around. The third item was a sheer lace tunic, and the third item was a bodycon dress. I am thrilled. Can't wait to order another one!!

Reviewed by Scarlett, 03/03/2017

I ordered the Double Dip Mystery Bag, figuring anything that wasn't to my liking could go into the costume closet for my internet TV series. Amazingly, the five pieces I received are all perfect: Two long sleeve shirts, a dressy blouse and matching skirt and a pair of leggings that I was planning on buying anyway. Great clothes at a great price!

Reviewed by Charlene, 03/02/2017

Awesome i received a awesome black long laced skirt, a white long-sleeved shirt with skulls and a beautiful lace up sleeveless dress in black! Very happy with my purchase!

Reviewed by Dorothy, 12/13/2016

This bag was awesome! I got 3 shirts and 1 skirt. all of them fit and all my style except for one shirt. bought another bag three days later and Im excited to see what is in my next one.

Reviewed by Angeline, 12/02/2016

When my order came today, I was most excited for this mystery bag! I got a green and black sequin corset top that I like aside from the cups on it being a little too far apart. I also got a long sleeve day of the dead shirt that I absolutely love and my last item with a weird white hairy cardigan. It honestly looks better turned inside out, but the "hair" looks knotted on so I'll probably be altering it later. It's really warm so I want to keep it. Totally going to order another double dip next time I order. It was really fun seeing what I got.

Reviewed by Steph, 11/04/2016

Mystery was fun!! I couldn't choose what I wanted form the website so having something random and a "mystery" sent to me was a good idea! I may be doing this again soon!

Reviewed by Frankie, 11/04/2016

Got both this and the regular mystery bag, only a couple things I got are on the site, both bags contained the skull baseball tee but different colors, a seam on the grey one ripped when I put it on though, got a few cute things but nothing I would have been dying to get, will probably go up a size next time but I can work with what I got

Reviewed by Becca, 11/03/2016

I can't help but be disappointed in this but I expected it because I bought an xl. Instead of quality items I received a ton of poorly made t-shirts. All the reviews led me to believe that I'd be receiving some tops and bottoms. I'd never risk spending so much money on dollar store quality t-shirts. I'd just go ahead and buy the items from the site and not hold too much hope for these mystery bags.

Reviewed by Mandy, 10/28/2016

All in all not bad. Got four shirts, no makeup. Three of them fit, on the smaller side, actually pretty soft and comfy, one was like 2 sizes smaller than its tag said and doesnt even half way fit. Not terrible, but just a tad disappointing. All the cool clothes on here and i get some rather plain but cuteish shirts. Next time i think ill just stick with make up and accessories, plus size clothing is more often a miss than a hit...

Reviewed by Ripshade, 09/06/2016

Just got my double dip today. I love love love what I got in mine. Got a cute shirt, a pair of leggings I love and a really awesome dress I probably would have purchased anyways. Happy camper right here.

Reviewed by Jean, 07/18/2016

My first one I got a really cute top but was too small for my bust, and the blood letting skirt ( so cute)

My second one was acute jacket (a bit big but I can sew so no biggie)and a high low skirt.

Cant wait till size back in stock fun little thing to look forward to.

Reviewed by Brittany, 04/21/2016

Got a cute black and blue tank that zips half way and a beautiful black long skirt it's called beach something but it's 85 $ reg price

Reviewed by Hillary, 02/26/2016

just received my double dip I loved everything 2 black tops a black skirt and a rose skull skirt my co-workers and bosses loved it and were a little envious

Reviewed by Zoe, 12/17/2015

I was very worried about this. It was a christmas gift for my little sister. I was worried it would come with something she wouldnt like. I got it today,veverything is amazing and just her style! In her sizes too! It didnt add up to 100$ exactly.. But i dont care.. The items are amazing. Super fast shipping too. Will order again. :) 

Reviewed by Clarissa, 12/12/2015

Bag of garbage. One VERY ugly shirt and a skirt that looks like it's from dollar tree Halloween section or my daughter's dress up trunk. Cheaply made. I would give zero stars but that is not an option. Don't waste your time.

Reviewed by snake girl, 08/05/2015

got some really cool stuff :) the only reason im not giving ti 5 stars is because i got the same top that i had gotten in another mystery bag i ordered in the past i know that can happen but it was only my second time ordering these and i was hoping it wouldn't so soon

Reviewed by Emily, 08/02/2015

I ordered this two weeks ago. I received 5 items, of which 4 were awesome and fit great (two Alice in Wonderland tees, a sheer gray top, and a black and red lacy short skirt) and one was not my style, but didn't fit anyway. Overall, I loved the experience. It was like Christmas. Definitely doing this again.

Reviewed by Lisa, 07/29/2015

This was my first bag and I loved it. I got four tops. A shear grey Tshirt with a Alice in wonderland theme was my favorite. I will be doing it again soon Thanks.

Reviewed by Natasha, 07/20/2015

I loved getting this!! I had no idea what to expect but you guys rocked!! All my items were black

Reviewed by Ithildin, 06/16/2015

I did not really have high expectations for this bag, but thought it would be fun with some surprises. Got a goth dress, black, kind of bad quality, but still ok for sommer I guess. The T-shirt was awful, gold and such, not black ... Terrible floral skirt, more hippie than goth, blue, with flowers in all the colors of the rainbow. Last thing I got was a top, see through, black, but with a terrible white pattern on the front. Bad experience. Never buying this again. Would not recommend it. My grandmothers shop could do better than this really, pile of junk. Might wear the dress one or two times, but since the quality was so bad I am not really sure.

Reviewed by Tanya Evans, 01/02/2015

This is the second mystery bag ordered, and it's even better than the first! I got the faux leather tunic top, which I will definitely wear out dancing! It would look great with a leather underbust corset and pants or a skirt. I also got a huge, soft teal scarf with skulls on it, a teal asymmetrical skirt which is a really pretty deep teal blue, a white peasant corset-style blouse, and a flowing lace tank which was really cute. I was amazed to get five items and love them all and they all fit great!!! Thanks again Goodgoth!

Reviewed by Becca, 12/21/2014

The Mystery Clothes were great. I have gotten one long sleeve shirt, another long sleeve that went along with a skirt, and a short jacket. Love them all. Plan to get another mystery bag.

Reviewed by Lisa, 12/16/2014

I recommend this for those who want one or two new additions to your wardrobe. I got a pretty skirt that I'll definitely wear and a strange latex dress that I'll donate to a goth in need at the first available chance. You're probably not going to like everything you get, I'm just glad the item I liked was worth more than I paid, overall a very fun gamble.

Reviewed by Vicki, 11/28/2014

These are super amazing! I just got my first one in the mail today and the stuff inside was so awesome that I just had to order up another one :) . If you are on the fence about ordering one of these double dip mystery bags DO IT!!! You will absolutely love the surprises you get.

Reviewed by Jamie, 11/10/2014

Received mine today. Very happy with the dresses and skirts. The are beautiful

Reviewed by Lira, 11/03/2014

I bought this based on reviews I saw, even though the shipping was really fast, I only received 3 items, none of which I'd actually wear. Since I spent a bit more on the double dip I was expecting something different (more Victorian goth-like) I guess, but I received a see through sleeveless shirt (which I actively avoid), a tube top (not as bad but, again avoid), and a blue/purple metallic looking mini dress that doesn't really fit (and keeps catching fabric at the zipper). Maybe its just my taste, but I think its better to save your money on something you know you'd like than a shot in the dark.

Reviewed by Double dip apparel bag, 08/23/2014

I only liked one of the 4 items I received, and they were all kinda cheap looking. I Wasn't pleased. Will not be risking this again. One of the tops ( it was really a tshirt) had a cross of skulls on the front. I don't think it's reasonable to send people religious symbols in their mystery bags. I'm not christian, so there is no way on earth I would ever wear some thing like that. Rediculous.

Reviewed by Sarah, 07/12/2014

I've ordered many of these and you never know what you are going to get! The first one that I ordered was amazing. A long black skirt and some tops that I still wear. The last two that I ordered came with what looked like short prom dresses. I really would never wear them and gave them to my daughter for her dress up box. That first one was so awesome, that I am about to purchase another one in hopes for awesome things this time!

Reviewed by Jennifer, 07/09/2014

I got mine today! Very fast shipping :) I got the studded dress, widow's weeds skirt, and Lizzie's ghost (its discontinued but I still remember its name) top. I really like the skirt and blouse, however the dress isn't really my style. Overall, not bad and will probably repeat this fun endeavor :)

Reviewed by karina payne, 06/26/2014

I received mine today and it was awseome. I got two dresses both can be worn summer or winter, a beautiful skirt that has a starry midnight look and a white button up shirt that hugs my waist beautifully.

Reviewed by Me, 05/21/2014

In this mystery bag I received a cute green dress with a black lace overlay, a white short sleeve button up, and this long faux leather vest. The vest zips up, and it barely doesn't cover my bottom area (maybe 1/2 inch when I move around), which is crappy because it looks so great as a dress. I'll probably wear it as a dress with leggings and/or as a swimsuit cover up. I also imagine that it would look nice with jeans and a top underneath. I really love everything. I ordered a size small, and I wear a pants size 3 usually. I was afraid that the small might be too big, but everything fit great.

Reviewed by Lynleigh, 04/06/2014

I love the mystery bag concept! However, it's kind of hit or miss size wise. Sometimes the larges fit me, and somethimes they're way TOO large. But still, I 've gotten some ridiculously awesome stuff! :)

Reviewed by Courtney, 03/08/2014

Just got mine today! 2 shirts & 2 dresses. My only problem is that they look like club dresses, so I doubt I'll ever wear them! But still worth the price! Definitely ordering again!

Reviewed by C, 02/11/2014

I got this in a Small. I ended up with three short black dresses. They are all just a little tight, I will probably get a Medium next time. Really cute dresses though. Will be repurchasing.

Reviewed by Wendy M., 11/06/2013

Fast delivery. I got two items, a beautiful black skirt and a long black sun dress. They are both very lovely and fit me very well. I got another mystery bag and that dress is beautiful but the top portion does not fit me so I'll have to be more careful with the sizing next time. Other then that, great decision of mine to buy this. Will buy again.

Reviewed by Jess, 10/11/2013

Very quick shipping! I received two short dresses. I like both very much. The fit is a little off on them, though. They both fit smaller than the size chart on the site. I am overall happy with them though. I will most likely order again.

Reviewed by Amanda, 09/30/2013

So amazing. I wanna do it again, and again. I got a super hot black dress with mesh netting, a cute top and some skirts, adorbs!!! Doing it again when they have my size again.

Reviewed by Ada, 09/18/2013

I recieved a beautiful white lacey dress and a shorter purple on that is a bit tight. In addition I got a killer fishnet shirt. Great service!

Reviewed by JS, 07/22/2013

I got a nice white silky button up shirt with breast pockets and ruching on the sleeves and front, and a beautiful long black crushed velvet skirt with tiered lace ruffles at the bottom that is longer in the back. I will be doing this again when I have more money.

Reviewed by AJ, 07/18/2013

Got mine, I loved what I got. I got a mini skirt and a longer skirt. They are both so beautiful. I'm going to have to modify the longer skirt, It drags on the ground because I'm only 5feet tall. Happy about it though. Thank you.

Reviewed by totally wicked, 07/13/2013

I got mine yesterday. I got an adorable skirt. A really nice shirt and a beautiful ripped shirr with lace under it in the see through parts I absolutely love it I can't wait to buy again

Reviewed by Kristi, 04/16/2013

just got my mystery bag 2 very pretty dresses and a nice dress shirt i love all three and am planning on saving up my pennies to buy my self another mystery bag in the future maybe i'll go mystery corset next !!!

Reviewed by Hillary, 04/11/2013

just recived my grab bag and loved everything so now i have a wightloss goal

Reviewed by Tanya, 02/12/2013

just recieved my double dip bag and i LOVE everything in it i'm not sure if i'll wear the skirt i got(a bit short for my taste) and oddly the three shirts are something i've been wanting to buy anyway :) it's like you guys can read my mind

Reviewed by Alexus, 02/08/2013

Love the shirts I got However the Skirt I got was WAY TOO SMALL for me (And I ordered L!) Kinda bummed cause the micro skirt is cute. Over all I would recomend this to everyone~

Reviewed by Sherry, 02/02/2013

I loved my Double Dip bag (just got it today)! I got a cute shirt and a wicked pretty mesh gown. The only problem I have with it is the boning on the gown must have popped out while in transit. Otherwise I'm quite happy and plan to do this again some time soon!

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