Restocking Fee

Q. Hey! Why a restocking fee! You're ripping me off!

A. We charge a restocking fee on cash refunds because despite our best efforts at communicating what is an acceptable return, we still spend hours every month putting returned items back into acceptable condition- putting laces back in corsets, ironing items wadded into balls, etc. All returns received  must be inspected before being put back into stock, the product must be completely checked for dirt or animal hair, laces returned to proper places, rewrapped, ironed, put back into inventory, etc.


The restocking fee simply reimburses us for some of our associated costs for accepting your return due to change of mind or ordering error.

Your continued loyalty is very important to us, otherwise we wouldn't still be here bringing you Good Goth Goodies after 21 years! Just want a different size or something else? No Problem! Any restocking fee is waived if you would simply like to exchange your item or would like GoodGoth store credit. And just like our appreciation of our customers, it never expires!


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